You may have noticed I’ve been a lot more active on here lately. Part of it is that I realized I’ve been writing on this blog in some capacity for the last two years. Which, yeah sounds impressive until you look back and see the multiple month long dead zones when I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything. There are various reasons for this not that anyone cares.

But lately I’ve been missing writing. Like just the actual process of it. And anytime I read other people’s work I always get this sort of throaty ache like, I want to be making content like this! And then my brain goes, “Then make it! You might not be as skilled as that person right now but guess what? Sitting on your thumbs, twiddling your ass doesn’t help you improve. If you want to be a writer, then WRITE.”

So I’ve been writing. And unlike before I’ve actually been writing on my phone (not my most favorite thing) when Ivy falls asleep on me. Because let’s face it, having the baby be asleep is primo writing time. It’s just that usually when she falls asleep it’s while nursing and/or cuddling and it’s hard to extract myself. Sure if I tried a little harder I could get away but I often find that I don’t want to. I like cuddling with Ivy and having a chance to just lay in bed and read on my phone. I know these days aren’t gonna last much longer and I want to enjoy as much Ivy cuddles as I can. But now that I’m writing on my phone I’m no longer hindered by my weakness for Ivy cuddles. I can write and schedule posts without even having to get out of bed.

Writing on my phone is part of why the recent deluge of posts have been a little on the short side. I type until the post looks long enough and then I’m like, bam, done, this is totally long enough! And then WordPress is like, that’s a nice little 200 word post you got there. So yeah, 200 words looks a lot bigger on my phone. (And that’s not the only thing that looks bigger on here too! *nudge nudge* *suggestive wink* Okay I’m done.)

Having an outlet again has been refreshing. I’ve been scheduling posts to sort of make a buffer for when this font of creativity dries up and I find myself struggling to come up with any sort of cohesive thought or subject. Hopefully when the inevitable writing famine hits, caused by either lack of trying, life interference, or just plain old laziness, it won’t be six months long again. No promises though.

Just Ramblin’ Along

Holy crap. I don’t really have a super cohesive topic for today but that seems like an appropriate first sentence anyway. I tend to not have super cohesive topics most days but I’ll pretend this is different somehow.

I’ve been wanting to write more on here but I’ve been using all my words for National Novel Writing Month which, if you didn’t know, is where you try to write a 50,000 word novel within the confines of November. I’ve never tried anything like this before so I decided to go for it. My word count as of yesterday is 25,006. (For comparison’s sake, not including this post I have written about 85,000 words on my blog.)  So yeah, after getting in my daily word count on that thing my brain is usually too fried to come over here and offer words but I figured today I would try.

Ivy turns five months old today. It’s crazy to me that she’s already almost half a year old. It feels like some sort of cheat of the calendar or something but it’s true. She likes sitting up now and loves it when we hold her up so she can stand. She’s not a fan of tummy time, doesn’t seem interested in rolling over but she’s gotten the hang of grabbing things now and can almost sort of shove them in the direction of her mouth.

She’s also discovered her feet now and loves the cats so much it’s hilarious. She doesn’t know how to pet them yet but her smile is enormous when we take her hands and run them along their soft fur.

Still no interest in solid foods though my boobs are more than up to the challenge of keeping my behemoth baby well fed. I’m looking forward to the day when I won’t be the sole provider of food for her.

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me a gel manicure (a first for me but it came out really well). When I got home I was holding Ivy and she grabbed my thumb in one hand and with her other she very deliberately poked at the colored nail with a face full of confusion and Trying To Figure It Out.

Teething is a bitch. Our pediatrician’s appointment last month revealed three incoming teeth but none of the sons of bitches have cut yet. So we’ve been holding a lot of cold teething rings up to Ivy’s very drooly mouth while she chews and wails. When the pain gets really bad for her we give her Tylenol (following the directions our pediatrician gave us). I’ve gotten really good at holding a wailing baby while coaxing it to swallow the icky icky medicine.

I’ve been working on a knitting design that I’m making up myself but I hit a part in the work where it’s just a long patch of nothing and since I am the knitter with ADD I have put the thing down in an attempt to work on more interesting projects. Except I haven’t been doing that either so really I’ve just been sitting on my butt doing nothing.

I want to try writing more for this blog soon (but god I feel like I’ve said that like 40 times and followed through like, twice) but with NaNoWriMo going on, that is my official priority. I want to write some stuff before Thanksgiving but no hard feelings if it doesn’t work out.